10 Of The Most Dangerous Street Drugs In The World

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People absolutely love their drugs, whether they are recreational or hardcore. The simple acting of lighting up a joint after a long day and relaxing in front of Comedy Central is a simple pleasure. Unfortunately, more and more of our world’s youth have discovered some very hardcore street drugs that are highly illegal and very dangerous. More often than not, one single use of the following drugs can be completely fatal to a human being. Many of the people using these drugs, though, are using them on an almost daily basis. Here are the ten most dangerous street drugs in the entire world.

Purple Drank

Purple drank is probably one of the most unusual drugs going around these days, though it was popularized back in the 90’s, thanks to Hip-Hop culture. The drug is a mixture of soda water, hard candy, and cold medicine, specifically with codeine. The user gets woozy, and heart failure is common.


Scopolamine comes from the nightshade plant found throughout the Northern regions of South America, including Venezuela and Columbia. The plant is generally refined into a powder, and used by criminals to lose self-control.


Heroin was created back in 1874 by C.R. Alder Wright, and is probably the strongest painkiller known to man. Heroin’s side effects, unfortunately, include cold sweats, a weakened immune system, muscular weakness, insomnia, and gangrene if left untreated for long periods of time.


Crack cocaine came about during the 1980’s, when the drug trafficking world quickly caught on to how much they could sell for high prices. The drug is highly addictive, and side effects include permanent damage to blood vessels, which may lead to heart attacks, strokes, or death.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is almost famous these days, thanks to the likes of Breaking Bad and Walter White. It was originally prescribed as a diet aid, and was completely legal until the 1970’s. Unfortunately, the effects are devastating on the human system. Brain damage and damage of blood vessels is extremely common.


AH-7921 was once available for purchase online legally through various vendors. As of this year, however, is is a Class A narcotic. It is known as a ‘legal heroine’, and often causes respiratory arrest and gangrene in its victims.


Flakka is similar to the amphetamines found within bath salts. The drug was marketed as a legal version of ecstasy, though the effects are very different. Flakka has been known to cause permanent psychological damage, and even heart failure.

Bath Salts

We all know of bath salts thanks to the media reports a few years back about a “zombified” man roaming the streets of Florida and chewing off a homeless man’s face. The drug is known to give its user unusual psychiatric behavior, psychosis, violent behavior, and a heart attack, amongst other side effects.


Whoonga is a mixture of various antiretroviral drugs, and is generally used to treat HIV. However, in South Africa, the drug has become addictive, and can cause major health problems such as internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, and death.


Krokodil is the most deadly and dangerous drug coming out of Russia, and the entire world. Users of Krokodil are attracted because of the low price tag and how addictive the painkiller us. Unfortunately, user’s flesh becomes necrotic and falls from their body.