15 Of The Worst Ideas For Dating Apps


Need to prove that you’re not horrible in the sack? This app will rate your sexual escapades on a scale of 1 to 10. Still insecure? You can even rate yourself among other Passion users!

Flavor Connect

My mother gave me two big pieces of advice when I was younger: nothing good ever happens past 2:00 AM, and you’ll meet your soul mate based on if they like the same flavor of candy you do. Luckily, Flavor Connect takes all the work out of asking that question to people and will match you up with candidates that like the same flavors you do.

Flirt Planet

Need help in flirting with other people? Get your practice in with virtual women on Flirt Planet. Once you become good at doing that, the app will take you to a bigger world where you supposedly meet real people and actually flirt with them.