15 Of The Worlds Nastiest Animals

3. Horned Lizard

Could you imagine using your own blood as a defense mechanism? That would be disturbing and confusing, right? Horned lizards are able to quirt a stream of blood from the corners of their eyes for a distance of up to 5 feet. This is done by restricting the blood flow leaving the head, which in turn increases blood pressure and ruptures vessels around the eyelids. This defense mechanism is said to taste horrible for would be canine or feline predators but seemingly has no effect on birds.

4. Flys

It should come as no surprise that house flies are disgusting. You can often find flies gathering around feces or garbage or even worse. Flies are covered in bacteria and that dog poop you see those flies gathering around… yeah, they eat that. What makes it worse is that if a fly lands on your food, they will actually vomit their digestive juices onto it. I wouldn’t want to eat that, no matter how small they may be. Also, flies like to lay their eggs in dead flesh which leaves behind maggots.