10 Famous Movie Scenes Recreated Using FILMography

Christopher Moloney is a Canadian photographer who has started a new art project that he calls ‘FILMography’. This unique series involves taking printed versions of famous movie screenshots, and matching the image with the actual location used in these films. The result is a distinct and almost surreal image that beautifully manages to merge the past with the present. In order to work on this project, Christopher has traveled from New York to Ho Chi Minh City and nearly every place in between. The following list features 10 of the best photographs featured in this series.

The Avengers

This famous scene of Captain America running away from lazer beams was shot in New York city. Luckily there is no destruction surrounding the image in real life.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Yet another iconic scene that was shot in New York. Being home alone is one thing, but being left all alone in a city like New York must be nerve wrecking for a kid, unless of course you are Macaulay Culkin.