15 Cool And Wacky Kitchen Gadgets

Toast Messenger

Putting a literal spin on ‘eat your words’ this toast messenger does just that. Just insert a slice of bread into the toaster, write your message on the top of the toaster, and your message is burned onto the toast.

Leave cute messages for your hubby or even reminders for the kids. Now that’s a cool gadget!

Spill-Not Cup Holder

As the name suggest, this gadget ensures that you go from one place to another without spilling the contents of your cup.

You can run with it, you can shake it you can even try as you may but thanks to the flexible loop hand (and a little physics) the contents will not spill!

Heated Spoon

Now you don’t have to reheat your entire cup of coffee in the microwave if it gets cold thanks to the heated spoon.

All you have to do is pop the heated spoon in your cup, turn the switch on, and it keeps your beverage hot for as long as you want.