15 Cool And Wacky Kitchen Gadgets

Hey foodies, we know that you love being in the kitchen, which is why you will absolutely love this list of cool and wacky kitchen gadgets. Some are so awesome and so convenient you might be a bit disappointed that you didn’t think of the idea yourself. And the others? Well let’s just say that they might be a tad too bizarre for some of us. But, let’s check them out and see if anything peaks your interest!

Double Sided Teapot

If you prefer coffee and your husband likes green tea, then this teapot is perfect as it allows you to make two different hot drinks, simultaneously. It has two sections, two handles and two spouts and is called the yin and yang!

Carrot Sharpener

This may look like it belongs in your kid’s knapsack but it’s actually a nifty little kitchen gadget that peels carrots. Don’t worry it also has a regular peeler attached in case you get tired of sharpening your carrot!

Changing Mood Cup

Aptly called the Monday mug, when this coffee cup is empty it turns black and shows a sad face — but fill it up with coffee and the color changes to bright yellow and the frown turns into a smile.

If the cup is black, stay back. If the cup is yellow, come over and say hello!