15 Awesome Facts About The History Of Body Art

All Tattooed Egyptian Mummies Are Female

To date, all of the discovered tattooed Egyptian mummies have been female. Though in many pieces of art and sculptures from the ancient Egyptian culture depict males and females having tattoos, the only evidence of tattooed Egyptians have all been females. Egyptologists have come to the conclusion that tattoos are present on females to signify fertility and rejuvination. Evidence has also found that some of the females who were tattooed in that era were dancers. Many of the tattoos found on female Egyptian mummies have been located on their thighs as well as in other areas. Small bronze tattooing tools that date back to 1450 B.C. were found at Gurob in northern Egypt. However, tattooing in ancient Egypt probably dates back further than that, as discovered Egyptian female figurines from 4000-3500 B.C. show tattoos on their bodies and limbs as well. The tattoos were usually dashes and dots that would sometimes create a geometrical shape. The tattoos usually were placed on the legs, chest, abdomen, and the arms.

Corsets Were Used To Alter Waists Permanently

Corsets that were used to permanently alter a female’s waist and body shape date back to use by the Minoians in Crete. Corsets used to create a temporary smaller waist as a fashion statement reappeared in the 16th century. Corsets that created the hourglass shape when in and out of fashion over a couple of centuries, adjusting to different ideals of beauty. By the 1850s, the corset came back with a force in the Victorian era, and tight lacing, waist training corsets were born. Tight lacing corsets were a severe way of shrinking a female’s waist by as much as 16 inches. This caused many heath issues for women who tight laced, including the inability to stand up right for longer than a few minutes, fainting spells from breathing reduction, deformed shape, and squeezing of organs such as the lower lungs, liver, and stomach. Over time, tight lacing faded away while corsets to help accentuate curves and improve posture without ill side effects took its place.