13 Extremely Lame Comic Book Characters

Bouncing Boy

DC Comics’ Bouncing Boy had the ability to inflate himself like a big ball and bounce around. Bad guys had a hard time catching the ever-elusive character, and he often gave them bruises in return. He got his powers when he accidentally drank a super-plastic formula, believing it was soda pop.

Red Bee

DC Comics’ Red Bee is another character who never had any superpowers. You may be wondering how he fought crime. Well, he used a trained bumblebee. Yep! The bumblebee’s name was Michael and lived in Red Bee’s belt buckle.

Brother Power the Geek

This character, a contemporary of the 1960’s Captain America, was a mannequin struck by lightening. The mannequin was sparked to life, and gained super strength and other limitless abilities. What’s more, Brother Power could not be killed because he was a mannequin. But what did he do with his abilities? Why, he hung out with hippies and fought “the man” and “the establishment”. He even tried to run for president.