12 Things Only People Terrified Of Flying Will Understand

I’m Watching You

You may be able to spot a fearful flyer because they’ll be the one looking out the window watching the aircraft being prepared. They’re keeping a keen eye on all the workers and making sure everything is being done properly. And they will know, because they will have watched every single episode of air crash television shows and seen every documentary. Is the cargo door closed properly? Are all of the covers off the pitot tubes? Are there any major cracks? We’re watching you…

Did You Feel That?!

Fearful flyers are known for feeling every bump and hearing every sound on an airplane in flight. It’s not that we don’t know what’s going on – we know there’s a logical explanation for everything. But fear isn’t logical and doesn’t stop us from looking around to see how the cabin crew are responding to every noise, and keeping an eye out of the window (when we can bear it) for those ominous fluffy white clouds that bring jolts.

Do This Many People Need To Be On Here?

Some people’s fear of flying comes from feeling crowded and locked up. At 35,000 feet in an enclosed tube, there aren’t many places to go, particularly when there are people’s legs stretched out in the aisles. These type of fearful flyers will try to get a window seat so that they can look out and see some sort of expanse, but of course this doesn’t work for everyone! The only thing we can do is feel resentful that airlines feel the need to pack so many people in to one plane, and count down the minutes until we can get off.