12 Biggest Disney Movie Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Pocahontas’ Good Command Of English

So the story goes that Pocahontas and her tribe has never encountered the English until John Smith and the British colonizers came to Native America. Pocahontas also didn’t know that other people actually exist outside their homeland.

If we follow that plot line, why does Pocahontas have no problem communicating with them in English? She seems to be fluent, if you ask me.

Where Are Boo’s Parents?

So the story of Monsters Inc. didn’t just happen on one night. In fact, Boo was in the monster realm for a few days. If that was the case, why were Boo’s parents unaware of her disappearance on those couple days?

The most logical explanation: Boo has horrible parents and someone needs to call social services, now.