12 Biggest Disney Movie Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Why Won’t Ariel Communicate With Eric In Writing?

There is one major plot hole that could’ve potentially changed the Little Mermaid story entirely: Ariel knows how to read and write!

Her ability to read and write is evidenced when she signed her contract with Ursula to trade in human legs for her voice. If that was the case, why didn’t she just write to Eric, ‘Hey, I’m the one who saved you from the shipwreck. Let’s make out!‘ This could’ve save her from all the hassle and end the movie right then and there. Ariel obviously didn’t think this through.

The Glass Slipper Element

When the clock struck twelve, everything Fairy Godmother transformed for Cinderella turned back to its original state–except the glass slipper that was left behind.

Also, why didn’t anyone question the crazy glass slipper theory to find the missing girl? Do you know that there could be dozens of girls in the kingdom with the same foot size as Cinderella? Foot size does not equate to a thumbprint, even if Cinderella had really unusual tiny feet. And if it was a perfect fit, why did it fall off in the first place?

Why Would Roger And Anita Need 101 Dalmatians?

So in the movie, Roger and Anita decided to save the dalmatian pups and adopt all 101 of them. There is no reasonable logic on why the couple would need 101 puppies. They would be extremely expensive, difficult to look after, and would stink up the whole house.