10 Whistle Blowers Who Died Suspiciously

Telling a national secret is grounds for death in many countries, and some will have no problem taking that course of action if it means ridding the world of someone who could threaten their way of life. Powerful people rule the governments, and those people never want a secret about themselves to make it to the surface. When a whistle-blower rears their ugly head, people like those powerful individuals take action and make them disappear in mysterious ways. Throughout history, a lot of whistle-blowers have tried to enact change, but only ended up in a ditch somewhere. Here are ten individuals who died suspiciously.

Russian Treasury

Alexander Perepilichny had a great life in Russia. He was rich, successful, and had traveled the world. He could not keep a secret, however. As an investment banker, Alexander investigated fraud within the Russian government, and he tried to expose the Russian treasury because of it.

Marc Dutroux’s Whistle-Blowers

In 1996, many young girls in Europe disappeared and ended up as part of an underage sex ring run by Marc Dutroux and his wife. Police searched the couple’s home, but could not find anything. Marc and his wife confessed, and the Belgian population was outraged at the lack of police work. One witness to the entire scandal ended up going missing.