10 Weirdest Monopoly Boards You Can Buy

Monopoly is the greatest-selling board game of all time. It was created by Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow back in 1903 and sold by Hasbro and Parker Brothers. Anywhere from 2 to 8 players can enjoy the experience of property trading at one time. Due to its popularity and customizability, it was very easy to switch out property names and game pieces to create themes for something specific. Anywhere from superheroes to big cities, you can play a lot of variations of the board game. There also came in some weird editions, and here were some of the nuttiest that we stumbled upon.

Bass Fishing Edition

The world of Monopoly might already be boring enough for some people. Combining another boring activity such as bass fishing could put those people into the biggest sleep-inducing coma ever.

BlackBerry 25th Anniversary Edition

Of anything cell phone related, you would think an iPhone or Android version of Monopoly would exist. No, instead there’s one for the infamous BlackBerry that was the hottest item until smartphones lapped around it.