10 Weird Theme Parks We’d Love To Visit

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We’ve all heard of the normal theme parks around the world, including Six Flags and Disneyland. However, those are not the only major amusement parks bringing in crowds of people who are excited to enjoy the rides, games, and attractions being offered by friendly staff and businesses. Some parks receive as many as 50,000 visitors in a single day, which is beyond impressive. But what’s even more impressive is that they aren’t a part of any well-known franchise. Here are ten weird theme parks we’d love to visit.


Diggerland was constructed for those who absolutely love using a Bobcat or Caterpillar tractor to dig up chunks of dirt. Those living in England can use one of 19 different kid-friendly digging rides.

Shijingshan Amusement Park

Shijingshan Amusement Park hails from China, where a lot of counterfeit and fake products are created. Well, this theme park is the Chinese version of Disneyland. Visitors can see the similarities, but they have been tweaked just enough to make a difference.

Alien Apex Resort

Alien Apex Resort, located in Roswell, New Mexico, was constructed for all the individuals who live and love the world of alien encounters. Their most prized ride pulls you through a simulated alien abduction.

World Chocolate Wonderland

World Chocolate Wonderland seems like a copycat of Hershey Park, and it probably is. The Chinese theme park opened in January of 2010, and focuses on everything chocolate. There is over 176,000 pounds of chocolate in use.

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa, located in Singapore, is a theme park based on folklore from Chinese stories. The park was constructed in 1937, but was renamed and restructured in 1985. The park, sadly, removed their famous dragon roller coaster.

Holy Land Experience

Holy Land Experience brings the joy of religion with the entertainment of an amusement park to the masses. The park has been known to reenact important events from the bible, including the crucifixion of Jesus.

Memory Village

Memory Village is a very specific, targeted theme park that tries to bring everyone back in time. Basically, the park focuses on offering the chance to experience what it was like for a slave so many years ago.

Grutas Park

Grutas Park is another theme park with human suffering as their entire focus. Sometimes called “Stalin’s World,” the park was built in Lithuania, and contains barbed wire fences with watch towers. There are 100 status of famous Soviets throughout the grounds.

Bon Bon Land

Bon Bon Land is probably one of the worst marketed theme parks in the entire world. Located in Denmark, this amusement park focuses on nothing but poop. There are farm-animal characters for the children to explore, and you can stick your head in those character’s anuses.

Love Land

Love Land is dedicated to the penis, the vagina, sexual symbols, and love in general. Located in South Korea, this park is based around only sex. Sadly, it was demolished before the public could enjoy the rides and attractions.