10 Weird And Shocking Laws In India

India is a South Asian country that holds the second-highest population in the world and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and five other countries in the area, including Pakistan. While it had a booming economic power in the 90’s, some issue it’s faced includes widespread poverty, public health coverage that isn’t good enough, and constant threats of terrorism. They also have the third-biggest army in the world. There are also some interesting laws that are still in the India Penal Code today, and here are some of the weirdest that we could find.

Nearly No One Can Fight With Knives

Indian soldiers are almost universally banned from using knives in combat with the exception of troops specifically from Nagaland.

Convoluted Labor Laws

There are over 100 laws that try to regulate the workforce throughout India. Unfortunately, many of them contradict other rules while others are too brief to even put up a fight in court.

No Adultery Rule For Women

Men can actually go to jail for committing adultery should they be accused. That rule is only in place for males and females can freely commit adultery without any charge.

Children Limit

Families can have up to two children in Kerala with no consequences. Any more will reel in a fine of Rs10,000, making China not the only place to have a limit on birth.

No Uniform Drinking Age

Each state in India has its own drinking age, which can vary from 18 in Goa to 25 in Maharashtra. The only age that’s governed nationally is no one under 18 can drink.

Same Sex Discrimination

There’s a law in place that states homosexual intercourse is not permitted in India. Due to recent backlash of such rules, India is in the process of removing this section in their penal code.

Reservation Rules

Confusing reservation rules throughout India actually create abuse of it. Those that don’t necessarily need to benefit from it are still able to get what they want while those that need it can’t receive help.

Ongoing Internet Censorship

The government does its best to continually block pornographic content, but there is no exact policy to follow when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be viewed by the population.

It’s OK for people to kill themselves in India. However, if they fail, they can be prosecuted according to the Indian Penal Code.

Weird Inspector Rules

One of the requirements needed to become a vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, you must have pearly white teeth.