10 Weird And Shocking Laws In India

India is a South Asian country that holds the second-highest population in the world and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and five other countries in the area, including Pakistan. While it had a booming economic power in the 90’s, some issue it’s faced includes widespread poverty, public health coverage that isn’t good enough, and constant threats of terrorism. They also have the third-biggest army in the world. There are also some interesting laws that are still in the India Penal Code today, and here are some of the weirdest that we could find.

Nearly No One Can Fight With Knives

Indian soldiers are almost universally banned from using knives in combat with the exception of troops specifically from Nagaland.

Convoluted Labor Laws

There are over 100 laws that try to regulate the workforce throughout India. Unfortunately, many of them contradict other rules while others are too brief to even put up a fight in court.