10 Weird And Interesting Facts About Condoms

There comes a time in every young teens life when they must walk into the local store and scoop up a box of condoms. That time spent waiting in line and then finally putting the box down on the counter can be quite dreadful to a teenager, and yet we must all do it at one point or another. Experts claim that around 18.6 billion condoms were used in 2015 alone, which is far more than shocking. Most people don’t know too much about that piece latex sitting in their wallet, though. Here are ten weird, yet interesting facts about condoms.

Condoms Are Ancient

The first condom was actually discovered in a cave within France. Scientists believe the protection is around 12,000 to 15,00 years old. One was also discovered in Lund, Sweden, and was made of pig intestine from around 1640.

Hard to Come By

At one point in time, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on condoms. There were vending machines throughout the United States in 1928, but before that a prescription from a doctor was required for teens to remain safe.