10 Weird And Crazy Traditions In Japan

Japanese culture is obviously pretty weird. An uninformed visitor would be quite shocked to see how these people live and what some of their traditions are. One of the biggest controversial topics involve more relaxed child exploitation laws. For example, the age of consent is just 13, although there are other laws that tend to protect any children under 17 years of age. Here are some other shocking and interesting traditions and values that Japanese people have.

Blackface Is Acceptable

“Ganguro” isn’t supposed to come off as offensive in Japanese culture. Instead, it’s done by teenage girls that like to give a jab to traditional beauty in Japan. Girls will often wear blackface, put on gobs of makeup, and wear ridiculously-colored wigs.

They Don’t Really Fire People

Labor laws require employers to give fired people huge severance packages. In order to avoid this, most companies will lock people they want to get rid of in isolation rooms and have them take on horrible tasks that will make them want to quit.