10 Bizarre Biological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Anyone who has ever studied science will know that the world can be a pretty interesting, yet crazy, place. The more we learn about it, the stranger it seems to become. Although all types of science can yield bizarre knowledge that will astound you, biology is perhaps the discipline that is most able to blow your mind. This is due to the fact that it focuses on living things and organisms that live surreal lives and some very strange behaviors.

A Parasite Causes Animals To Love Cats

A parasite that usually lives in the intestines of a cat has a special ability. If it spreads into rats or mice it is able to get into the brain and change the behavior of the animal so that it is no longer afraid of cats, making them easy prey.

DNA Can Hold Terabytes Of Data

The building blocks of all life is DNA and it is capable of holding a huge amount of data. Microsoft has recently began to use DNA to store information and they believe that a single gram of DNA could actually be capable of storing up to 1 billion terabytes of data. It would also provide other advantages over tradition store mediums as it has a shelf life of thousands of years rather than just a few dozen.