10 Unbelievable And Hilarious Mugshots From Florida

We all know that Florida has the largest amount of ridiculous crimes in the United States. If it’s about a man that called police because his wife threw his beer away, the event probably took place in Florida. If it’s about a man offering a woman $3 and chicken dinner for sexual favors, that probably happened in Florida. As you would expect, there are some unique faces that stand behind the crime. Here are some of the most hilarious mugshots taken in the state of Florida.

Adriana Caprice

This 39-year-old was arrested for having an active warrant in a different county than where she was wanted in Florida. Brace yourself — this is one of the most normal pictures on the list.

Edward Crisante

It was a little over $300 worth of stolen goods, but Crisante was charged with three counts of theft. Hopefully some of the goods included some hairspray.