10 Things You Never Knew About Your Memory

Memory is something that we never think about, but use every single second of every day. It’s fascinating how much we use the activity and it’s important to know how it works. There are plenty of misconceptions about how we store and use memory. We can only store about seven things at one time in our short-term memory bank, and we can never retain all of our knowledge. One researcher estimates that we tend to forget 40% of what we learn in a day and 90% in just a month. Here are some other interesting facts about memory that you didn’t know about.

Deja Vu Does Exist

One of your five senses can trigger a memory from the past, creating a sense of something “already seen.” This can also happen when people claim they dreamed what’s actually happening. It’s probably not true, but they feel the same sense they experienced during the dream.

Studying Improves In Different Environments

Use the multiple resources around you, like a coffee shop, library, and community center, to study. Researchers say that different environments can help you retain and recall information easier.