10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Internet

While the internet has been around for approximately 40 years, it is only in the last decade or so that it has become the phenomenon that it is today. It has become such an essential part of our everyday lives and is used by billions of people on devices ranging from laptops to smartphones. In fact, almost everything we do depends in some way on the world wide web. Despite its huge importance however, there are plenty of things that people don’t know about it.

Online Advertising Is Big Business

In 2014, the global advertising revenue from online sources was around $135.42 billion. So those annoying ads you see on every website can be huge earners for the likes of Google. Experts believe that within the next few years advertising on the internet will become the largest segment, reaching a stunning $239 billion.

Humans Only Account For Half Of The Traffic

If you have used the internet for any amount of time you will probably have come across something like the image above. These checks are not around just to make your life hard, it is actually an important measure to counter bots on the internet. This is because around 51% of all traffic on the web comes from bots rather than humans.