10 Things That Still Don’t Make Sense About Frozen

Frozen is the animated movie that made animated movies cool again. Not only that but it also inspired countless versions of the song Let It Go to be made. It’s been sang and rewatched around the world by almost everyone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some pretty obvious gaping holes. We’ve found the ten most ridiculous holes in the Frozen story line and detailed them in our list below. Let us know how many you’ve managed to spot yourself while watching!

Elsa Should Be Really Messed Up

The opening scenes of Frozen are so cute, it’s not long before you are belting “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”. However, what is hidden underneath all that singing is that Elsa, the main character, has been imprisoned in her room for the last decade. How healthy can that be?

Elsa’s Stockholm Syndrome

Even though Elsa’s parents die sometime during her imprisonment, she lets Stockholm Syndrome run her life even after, no matter the fact she isn’t really captured by anyone anymore. Her mental state must be pretty shaken up.