20 Words That Should Be Added To The Dictionary

There are thousands of words in the English language already, but you always need that one word that describes a specific object, event or person that just hasn’t been added yet. Maybe some of these words will catch on and be included, maybe not, but that still won’t stop us from using them. We all know that one person who’s an askhole and we’ve all had a food that tastes like something else… a nomonym, most of the time it tastes like chicken though.


We all have that one chair in our room that we pile all of our clean clothes on, rather than putting them away… because who has the energy for that?


We all know that one person very annoying person that won’t stop asking stupid questions. Now there’s a name for them — an askhole.


I still can’t believe people actually don’t feel awkward going out by themselves, or should I say, they don’t feel awkward masturdating?


Oh so that’s what everyone’s been calling the amazing feeling after a very long day at work.