10 Terrifying Facts About Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is probably one of the strangest most terrifying conditions human beings can ever experience. Take, for example, waking up in the middle of the night and experiencing one of the most terrifying feelings you could ever go through. Those suffering from sleep paralysis are awake, but somehow still asleep at the same time. They are unable to move, unable to speak, and in some cases unable to control their own minds. Some people witness strange beings or shadow people. Here are ten terrifying sleep paralysis facts.

Sleep Paralysis

To start, sleep paralysis is the feeling of being completely conscious, but being unable to move and speak. This usually happens when someone is in-between being completely awake and fully asleep. It usually lasts a couple of seconds.

Woken Up Dead

A lot of those suffering from sleep paralysis have thought they have woken up completely dead. They tend to think their mind has awoken, but their body never will again. Some report being trapped inside their own bodies, like a flesh tomb.