10 Teachers Who Got Their Own Back On Students

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It is fair to say that teachers have to put up with a hell of a lot of crap. They have an incredibly challenging job that demands constant hard work and needs them to develop important relationships with their students, even the unruly ones, in order to teach them effectively. Sometimes though, they aren’t appreciated by the pupils in their classes and they need to vent their frustration. These teachers did just that in funny and charming ways.

Cruel Trick

This is pretty cruel but a nice way to find out who is really putting effort into the work that has been given to them.

Crap Clips

Just giving an honest assessment of the work handed in by the students.

Teacher Selfie

Some teachers can deal out unusual punishment if you use a phone in their class.

Realistic Expectations

This teacher was simply providing some realistic life choices to the student.

Don’t Mess With This Teacher

Trying to upsetting this teacher might not be the best idea, considering what he drinks.


This presentation is still better than some substitute teachers are.


It’s sad to think how many students will have actually tried to contact Ms. Waite when they didn’t quite understand the joke.

Don’t Sleep In Class

Or the teacher might just let everyone else go and leave your all by yourself in the middle of the room.

Only Time Will Tell

There’s only one way to find out the answer to this perfectly valid question.

Late Assignments

Many of the assignments that teachers get probably deserve to go straight into the trash anyway, so this isn’t too outlandish a step.