10 Strange Facts About Plants You Didn’t Know

Without plants, almost all life on our planet will end. Plants provide oxygen for animals and humans to breathe and they provide food for every herbivore on the planet. At present, there are 260,000 known plant species in the world. Plants are found in fresh water, in oceans and on land. A few plants live in soil that does not provide sufficient nutrients, therefore, they eat insects for nourishment. Bug-eating plants include sundews and pitcher plants. Here are 10 strange facts about plants you didn’t know.

Suicide Plant

In Australia, there is a plant called the ‘Suicide Plant’ because its sting can last for months and its pain is so intolerable that individuals have committed suicide after touching it.

Dumb Cane

A plant named ‘Dumb Cane’ has a sap that is so toxic that it can paralyze a person’s vocal chords. It is found throughout the New World Tropics; from Mexico to West Indies.