10 Stories From Famous Wars That Aren’t Really True

History is a fickle mistress, especially when it comes to wars. For the most part, the winners are the ones who get to say what happened. Sometimes, those stories become a bit ridiculous and sometimes those stories are just not remotely true. There are a number of different reasons why these myths have been pushed forward but some of those reasons aren’t even known. What is important is that you find out that what you thought were true stories turn out to be true.

Hannibal And His Elephants

The myth of Hannibal taking his elephants to fight against the Romans has survived for centuries. Historians say the idea of Hannibal being able to take a massive number of elephants across the Alps is unlikely. It turns out that the Romans likely told the story of the mighty Hannibal and his unbeatable Pachyderm army in order to make his defeat look more impressive for the Roman generals.

Treaty Of Versailles Led To World War II

One of the most often repeated myths in history is that the harshness of the treaty of Versailles was the cause of World War II. Historians now believe the opposite is true. Germany was beaten and annoyed, but there was still room for resentment. This allowed Hitler to turn Germany into the powerhouse it was before and during World War II, resulting in him amassing a large following.