10 Statistics That Make You Worry About The World

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They say that the first step to fixing a problem is to recognize that the problem exists in the first place. There are many problems in the world right now, ranging from environmental to social issues. These problems have existed for sometime now and have gradually compounded over the past few decades. The global temperatures are at an all-time high now, and the wealth disparity is now wider than ever. It is a good time to recognize the problems of the world and begin to work towards it before we run out of options. Here is a list of 10 statistics that make us worry about the state of the world.

Prevailing Poverty

While nearly 50% of the wealth is being held by one percent of the population, nearly 80% of the world’s population lives off just 10 dollars every day.

Forced Labor

It is an absolute travesty when young children are forced to engage in labor. Over 250 million children in the world between the ages of 5 and 15 are being forced to work for a living.

Power Shortage

There is a severe lack of power in various parts of the world. In fact, 25% of the population in the world does not have access to electricity.

Young And Homeless

The United States has a terribly high population of young homeless individuals. One-third of the overall homeless population in the U.S are under the age of 24.

Dumping Garbage

We really need to find a better way to take care of the garbage in the world. We end up dumping 14 billion pounds of garbage into the oceans each year.

Water Problems

A vast majority of the world’s population faces water problems. 1.2 billion people live without adequate access to water, while another 1.6 billion have access to water but just cannot afford it.

Rise In Depression

The world isn’t really in a happy place right now. Well over 350 million people around the world claim to be depressed.

Widespread Starvation

The hunger problem in the world is quite high at this point. Nearly 800 million people go hungry each day with a majority of these people being children.

Pregnancy Problems

Every year, nearly 315,000 women pass away while giving birth due to problems related to malnutrition.

Child Soldiers

The number of child soldiers in the world is on the rise. Currently, there are well over 300,000 child soldiers in the world right now.