10 Shockingly Dangerous Sinkholes Around The World

There has always been mystery and intrigue surrounding sinkholes, and these are some of the best, creepiest and most dangerous ones in the world. Sinkholes are created by different processes, such as weathering, liquefaction or the dissolution of particles in water. Beyond the scientific, these ten shockingly dangerous sinkholes from around the world have attracted much tourism and speculation and have also been a big part of some of the worlds most intense records ever set. Although considered dangerous at times, these sinkholes will forever be a part of history.

Xiaozhai Tiankeng

Considered to be the worlds largest sinkhole, at 660 meters deep and 530 meters wide, this mammoth hole in China is considered a treasured Chinese tourist attraction. After thousands of steps were carved into the steep walls to allow tourists to traverse down into it, many found that the best season to visit was during the rainy season, due to the beautiful waterfalls created by the sheer sides.

Red Lake

This lake was created in Croatia when the roof of a cave collapsed inwards to reveal the underneath lake. What makes this lake truly remarkable is that many believe that this lake is connected via underground waterways to other rivers and lakes in the area.