10 Shocking Things People Do To Lose Weight

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These days, we hear a lot of terms thrown around like “fat shaming” and “body shaming.” And because those terms are being thrown around so liberally, there are people on the other end of them. This is why getting thin has never been so popular. The problem is that there are a ton of people who are looking for ridiculous ways to get thin without putting in the work of actually adjusting their diets and working out. Extreme ways of getting thin aren’t all that new, 20 years ago the term Heroin chic was very much in style. These days though, there are all kinds of horrible ways lose weight. Check out our list of 10 shocking things people do to try and stay thin.

Cotton Ball Diet

In the ‘cotton ball challenge’, people soak cotton in water or juice and then eat it. The theory is that the body will think the person has eaten a big meal and they won’t be hungry. The problem is that cotton isn’t that easy to digest at high levels and can even burst the stomach or intestines.

A Patch On The Tongue

Sewing a patch onto the tongue doesn’t sound real pleasant. Turns out it’s not pleasant at all. The concept is to have the patch sewed onto someone’s tongue so that it hurts to eat solid food for the life of the patch. Going on liquid diet will help you lose weight sure, but this is still extreme.

The Feeding Tube Diet

This diet is actually administered by a medical professional, assuming you can find one that’s okay doing this just so you can lose some weight. When going on this diet, the professional pumps a low-calorie, fat-rich protein solution through a feeding tube inserted in the nose and into your stomach. As the solution enters the stomach, the body should go into ketosis and burn your natural body fat at a higher rate. Also, you don’t have to do all that pesky chewing.

Sleeping Beauty Diet

The basic idea for the Sleeping Beauty diet is that, should a person want to skip a meal or two but lacks the willpower, they simply take a ton of sedatives and drug themselves into a stupor for a few days.

The dangers of this approach seems obvious, as taking that many drugs can lead to sleeping forever and even true love’s kiss won’t wake you.


Most people would howl in fear if they found they had a tapeworm in their stomach. Other people go out of their way to get one because the tape worm will help them burn more calories. Of course, people will also have more problems absorbing things like protein, so you can become sick and even die if you let this thing go unchecked.

Ipecac Syrup

Bulimia isn’t exactly a new approach, but people have found new and interesting ways to handle this eating disorder. Instead of sticking their fingers down their throat, they drink some Ipecac in order to induce vomiting. The dangers of this are the same as any other kind of bulimia.

Insulin Abuse

Injecting a low dose of insulin into someone who is not diabetic is intended to lower blood sugars, which renders carbohydrates indigestible and leads to stored fat instead being broken down as a source of energy. Sounds good right? This approach can risk causing damage to the liver, bladders and kidneys. Is that worth losing the final five pounds?

Urine Injection

Urine contains the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which boosts metabolism and burns calories faster. The problem of course, is that people who inject urine into their bodies are basically injecting toxic chemicals into their blood stream.

Hard Drugs

One of the more dangerous ways to lose weight on this list is to turn to hard drugs like Heroin. This isn’t like taking some big time sleeping pills to stay asleep. You’re awake with these drugs, you’re just too stoned to feel hungry. We think we’d prefer a cheeseburger to getting hooked on smack but what do we know?

Anorexics Boot Camp

One of the weirdest side effects of body shaming and fat shaming is that there are people who now claim they should be proud to be anorexic. These are people that are basically starving themselves and now there are even some “boot camps” that are geared towards showing other people how to become anorexic as well. These boot camps, otherwise known as ABC and Ana Boot Camps, teach all the most dangerous ways to lose weight.