10 Shocking Facts About Your Subconscious Mind

Ever since ‘The Secret’ first polluted pop culture with pseudo-scientific tales about the power of your mind, the topic of the subconscious has become related with metaphysical beliefs. While the debate between science and religion is still going strong, the truth is that even with today’s technology answers to highly controversial questions of our existence still can’t be given. However, there are still some facts that both sides of the argument agree upon. Whether the following 10 real facts about your subconscious mind will be stronger evidence to support your new-age beliefs or will help you out in a purely scientific mental and psychological way, you can be certain that you’ll be left amazed!

The Subconscious Mind Speaks to You in Dreams

Have you ever wondered why your dreams are as bizarre as they are? Well, the truth is that they are a creation of your subconscious mind. While there are multiple theories on what exactly their evolutionary purpose is, this still remains a mystery.

The Subconscious Mind Controls 95 percent of Your Life

While this number may seem extremely staggering, the truth is that it is not quite as spectacular once you consider that the subconscious mind controls your each and every physical move, whether it would be deemed voluntary or involuntary.