10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s Happy Meals

While McDonald’s may be suffering from sales decline in recent years, they’re taking steps to try and get back into the game by continuing to alter their value menus, adding breakfast all day, and are improving their restaurant layout. One continuing factor that should still be alarming to both kids and parents are the Happy Meals. While they’re generally a good memory for most of us that loved eating a cheeseburger and playing with a toy, there’s some interesting facts that everyone should consider before settling on McDonald’s to feed their children.

Lots Of Big Company Partnerships

McDonald’s has teamed up with a huge variety of children’s companies — Nickelodeon, Disney, Barbie, Lego, Transformers, and so many more — to help distribute Happy Meal toys. Some companies like Disney have no longer been involved with McDonald’s, since 2006, but new crazes such as Shopkins and “The Peanuts Movie” have released toys in Happy Meals.

World’s Largest Toy Distributor

Approximately 20 percent of all McDonald’s sales includes a toy, which places them as the leading toy distributor in the entire world. Over a billion toys are created every year with an estimated record amount of 1.5 billion back in 2001.