10 Shocking Facts About Everyday Life

At a certain point in our life, usually in our mid-twenties, we tend to forget just how magical life can be. We tend to fall into everyday routine, and we overlook the many complexities surrounding our seemingly ordinary existence. The truth of the matter is that every moment of waking life is a miracle. Our survival on this planet, the evolution of life, the astronomical forces keeping us in place, the physical laws of nature and nearly every facet of existence is nothing short of spectacular. Life is not as ordinary as we perceive it to be, and these 10 facts try to show us some amazing details of everyday life.

Kissing Time

The average person usually ends up spending anywhere between two to three weeks of their life indulging in the simple act of kissing.

Walking Around The World

We tend to forget that we spend a lot of our time on our feet. The average person in fact ends up walking roughly 120,000 kilometers in their lifetime. That amounts to walking almost three times around the world.