10 Shocking Celebrity Deaths That Still Make Us Wonder

With the rather untimely death of Prince, we once again have to look at the rather unnerving number of celebrities who have passed away long before their time and left the world shaken. Prince was somebody who wasn’t old enough for any of us to worry about his passing. We thought he was going to be around for decades. We thought we’d have a ton of time to listen to his music and go to his concerts. We thought the same thing to one degree or another about many other people on this list. Check out 10 shocking celebrity deaths that still make us wonder and tell us which one shook you to the core.

Jim Morrison

In 1971, at the age of 27 Jim Morrison passed away. His girlfriend claims he died of a heroin overdose and mistook heroin for cocaine. The problem is no one ever did an autopsy. His girlfriend also told authorities he didn’t have any immediate family, which was false and this lie led to the rock star being buried quickly. Some wonder whether the girlfriend had a hand in his death.

Brittany Murphy

When people have looked into the death of Brittany Murphy more questions than answers have come up. The 32 year old actress was thought to have died thanks to an unlucky combination of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drugs. These days there is even talk she was poisoned.