10 Shocking And Bizarre Things People Have Found At The Beach

Going on the hunt for something valuable at the beach has long been a practice people of all walks of life have done. On occasion, people have found things that weren’t exactly valuable but certainly weird. Sometimes the stuff that showed up on the beach was downright creepy and unsettling but most of the time, it was just something you didn’t expect to actually see. Check out the list of 10 shocking and bizarre things people have found at the beach and let us know what you think.

Part of a Space Ship

This piece of a space ship washed up on the beach not that long ago. While it’s not that uncommon for pieces of spacecraft to break off during takeoff, they usually don’t turn up like this.

A Very Old Key

The design of the key and the amount of rust on this piece would lead some to believe it is quite old. Perhaps this actually unlocked a pirate’s chest.