10 Ridiculous Fashion Fads We Want To Forget

Fashion can be beautiful — but sometimes it can get utterly outrageous too. We all look at fashion week for latest clothing inspirations of the year, but sometimes, fashion pieces can get too avant-garde, or in other words, ridiculous and/or comedic. The outrageous things people put on their bodies all in the name of fashion!

This is a compilation of the 10 most ridiculous, ugliest fashion fads of the century. These fads were absolute fashion disasters — accentuated by the fact that the general masses thought it was cool. Admit it — you’ve sported at least one of these trends when you were younger. These fashion fads will make you cringe and say in unison: “Thank God that’s over!”

Sagging Pants

This is probably one of the most annoying fashion fads in history. The look came from supposed hardcore gangsta rappers trying to build a hardcore image, but the look actually originated from prison during the seventies, where inmates would purposely sag their pants as a sign that they were ‘available’ to other inmates for sex.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are synthetic padding used in clothing to give an illusion of broader shoulders. The fad persisted until the early nineties.

Shoulder pads, do not look good on anyone–and that includes both men and women. It’s one fad we all want to bury forever.