10 Recently Discovered Animals With Amazing Features

Each day over two hundred species become extinct. However, each day a whole new set of species are discovered and classified. With the new species that mankind is discovering each and every day, it seems as if these animals’ characteristics are getting crazier and crazier. We’ve scoured the internet and looked through a multitude of different recently-classified species and have detailed ten of the craziest in our list below, so without further adieu, here are ten recently discovered animals that have some amazing features!

Psychedelic Sea Slug

Phyllodesmium acanthorhinum is a tiny sea slug which is red, blue and yellow. It lives in the waters around the Great Barrier Reef. Even though their appearance isn’t much, they are actually quite fascinating creatures. They have the ability to feed of the energy from the Sun and are basically solar-powered.

Colorful Crayfish

Colorful crayfish are thought to be one of the most amazing recent discoveries because of their mesmerizing looks. However, these beauties are also quite unfortunate when it comes to living in the wild waters. They are hunted for food, eaten by other animals and also caught to be sold to pet shops so much there’ not many of them left.