10 Random Things That Escalated Far Too Quickly

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Some things in our lives just take a bit of time to fully kick in and take effect. More often than not, we tend to perceive things that are incredible as taking far too long to happen and be fully realized. When whatever you’re waiting on does kick in, however, you grow ecstatic and overjoyed. That is not, and should not, always be the case, though. Sadly, there are a lot of instances where random things have occurred, taking awhile to fully escalate, and then have gone through immense changes for the worse. Here are ten random things that escalated far too quickly.


ILOVEYOU was a serious computer virus that jumped from just a single computer to nearly 10 percent of the entire internet in just over a week. In total, the virus caused over $10 billion worth of damage.


Those living in tornado country know exactly what we mean. Clear, sunny skies don’t always mean things are safe, unfortunately. A tornado can begin as nothing more than a strong gust of wind and escalate into devastation in a matter of seconds.


Salmonella poisoning is common in tainted food. It can start off slow at first, and then escalated into a devastating sickness that takes your body for a wild ride. You won’t want to get up for a week.

Internet Rage

Internet rage is one of those phenomenon that is completely unpredictable. The slightest offense or annoyance is prone to set someone off in a stampeding rage. Things can get pretty escalated quickly.

The Internet

The Internet itself was one piece of technology that nobody was expecting to take off and do so well. In 1991, the internet was nothing more than unconnected forums. In 1993, it covered the globe as the world wide web.

Donald Trump

Everyone living in the United States understands this. We all thought it was a joke at first, but Donald Trump actually stood up and is winning the election race towards the US presidency. We’ll see where things end up soon enough.


College is a social phenomenon. Basically, you begin your time there with little care for the world. You just want to party, drink, and socialize. Unfortunately, all that debt accumulates and strikes hard. Then the real world impacts upon you.

Panic Attacks

People don’t truly understand panic attacks. They can be devastating quickly. One minute you’re completely fine, the next your heart is racing, you are fumbling over everything, and you can barely breathe.

Army Basic Training

Sure, the United States really wants you to train hard and well for the Army, and things start off easy enough. And then the trainers begin the constant screaming, which just simply never ends until the day you graduate.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Most people these days probably don’t know anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Back then, the world nearly came to an end if things had escalated any further. It surely went far enough, though.