10 Random Things That Escalated Far Too Quickly

Some things in our lives just take a bit of time to fully kick in and take effect. More often than not, we tend to perceive things that are incredible as taking far too long to happen and be fully realized. When whatever you’re waiting on does kick in, however, you grow ecstatic and overjoyed. That is not, and should not, always be the case, though. Sadly, there are a lot of instances where random things have occurred, taking awhile to fully escalate, and then have gone through immense changes for the worse. Here are ten random things that escalated far too quickly.


ILOVEYOU was a serious computer virus that jumped from just a single computer to nearly 10 percent of the entire internet in just over a week. In total, the virus caused over $10 billion worth of damage.


Those living in tornado country know exactly what we mean. Clear, sunny skies don’t always mean things are safe, unfortunately. A tornado can begin as nothing more than a strong gust of wind and escalate into devastation in a matter of seconds.