10 Pieces Of Extremely Crazy Underwear

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Once upon a time, in days of old, things used to serve their original simple purposes. Phones were for talking, kitchen appliances weren’t smart and underwear used to be worn, just to protect your privates. However, those days are long gone. In today’s world, the innovation that previously drove us forward to explore space and invent computer media has now turned to the underwear, helping us hide our stinky bodily gas. From lingerie which has concealed GPS tracking devices, to weird lingerie that can only be unhooked once it detects true love, here are 10 of the most bizarre, yet oddly creative pieces of underwear.

The Headlight Bra

Do you want to turn heads everywhere you go? You might as well put on this ridiculous headlight bra and go crazy!

The Anti-Smell Underwear

If you are sending out gas through your bottom too often, then you might as well consider purchasing Anti-Smell underwear. Made from the same material which is used in military chemical protection suits, it does let any smell out! However, it does not silence sound!

The Tweeting Bra

Designed for a Nestle Fitness campaign and helping spread breast cancer awareness, the tweeting bra sends a tweet every time it is unclasped. While at the surface this seem innocent and cool, it is nothing else but creepy!

The GPS Lingerie

Think your wife is cheating on you? Buy her a GPS lingerie! Costing more than $750, this lingerie has a GPS tracker build inside. The different and more expensive models come with even more extras!

The Auto-Cleaning Underwear

Tired of wearing your dirty underwear every day? Don’t worry! The Auto-Cleaning Underwear is made with tiny copper strings, which are oiled up and clean both your underwear and you in the process. It might seem surprising, but copper actually does kill as much as 99 percent of the bacteria found down there!

The Stress-Eating Bra

Did you know that Microsoft is also in for bra design? That’s right! And they’ve even created an innovative bra that will tell you when you are stressed out and thus stress-eating. While they’ve tried to implement similar technology in male underwear, it simply didn’t work.

The Strapless Panties

If your G-String is simply too much, you’d be happy to hear that you can once again reduce the amount of underwear you wear. The amazing strapless panties can be worn as a small silicon string attaches to the skin.

The Breezy Lingerie

Inspired by 16th century France, when the women wore nothing underneath their dresses, this breezy lingerie is both stylish and sexy. It consists of silk and cotton on the front and nothing on the back!

The Faucet Male Underwear

You’ve probably never thought that a man could look so ridiculous, but novelty does it again! Want to look crazy or simply joke around? There are definitely a ton of other options for you better than this!

The Satin Chastity Lingerie

If you’ve ever wanted to protect your virginity, but also look extremely sexy in the process, you might consider wearing this stain chastity lingerie. It has small chains, with a lock on the side.