10 People Who Tricked The Internet

The internet can be a crazy place sometimes. It can be sad, useful, depressing, funny, and sometimes terrifying. Over the years, we’ve seen the internet grow into something that nobody could have even imagined. The thing that keeps the internet evolving is the people. Without us, the internet would be a barren wasteland. It’s the people that make us laugh, cry, and even cheer. The internet gives people a lot of power and if they use it properly they can do some pretty incredible things. Just in time for April Fools Day, this list highlights 10 people that fooled millions on the internet. The world is full of practical jokers and these 10 certainly got the last laugh.

Crazy eHarmony Cat Lady

Do you remember the crazy cat lady from that eHarmony profile video? This fake video has currently been viewed by over 25 million people.

MC Chris Apology Video

MC Chris was getting a bad reputation for the way he behaved on stage. After the online community Reddit called him out, Chris posted an apology video that was obviously faked.