10 People Who Faked Their Death For Insane Reasons

Although you might think that people faking their deaths is something that only happens in fiction, it is actually a surprisingly common behavior. In fact, so many people want to pretend that they are dead that there have been a variety of books written about the subject, from How to Create a New Identity to How to Disappear Completely And Never Be Found.

However, the reasons and motives behind a person wanting to make it appear as if they dead vary hugely. Sometimes a person may just want to completely escape their life and start again or in other cases someone may have to fake their death to avoid being found. Of course, there are also some truly bizarre reasons for why people have orchestrated a false death.

Dianne Craven

Stuart Shortland had been having an affair with a woman named Dianne Craven for three years when he suddenly received a text message telling him that she had died from a brain hemorrhage. Three months later though, he saw pictures of Dianne with her husband enjoying a holiday and after some investigation realized that she had faked her death in order to break up with him. The stress of the ordeal was so great that it made him go bald and Dianne has still not explained her actions to him.

William Peterson

After being arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol for the third time, William Peterson knew that if went to court he was likely going to be sent to jail by the judge. He therefore faked his death by having a forged death certificate sent to the county court claiming that he had died in an accident. He then changed his name and fooled authorities for eight years. However, after he was again arrested for DUI police officers discovered that his fingerprints matched those of William Peterson and he was charged with a variety of crimes relating to his fake death.