10 People Who Failed So Hard You’ll Almost Feel Embarrassed For Them

The Internet is a wonderful thing, primarily because we can share all our successes with those we care about. The problem is that while we may not want to actually share them with anyone, the web can also be used to share some pretty spectacular failures. Sometimes we do it intentionally, and sometimes other people share this information without our knowledge and without our permission. It is, of course, best when we share our incredible failures without even knowing we are doing it. Check out our list of 10 people who failed so hard you’ll almost feel embarrassed for them and let us know which one really stands out to you.

That’s Craftsmanship!

This window looks like it should indeed fit that space, until you take a real look at the space the window is being put into. We just wonder how long it took the owner to figure out the window was wrong.

What In The World Is Wrong With Westport?

Sex Offenders are no laughing matter. Unless of course the local newspaper has formatted their front page in a way where it makes it look like an entire town is carrying one in celebration. Then you can point and laugh at the paper.