10 Outrageous Things That Ordinary People Have Insured

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Insurance is something that we all have to deal with at some point or another. Usually though, this will involve traditional forms such as car, house or medical insurance, that help to protect against emergencies and accidents. However, some people go above and beyond with their insurance needs, requiring brokers to cover them for some rather bizarre claims that you wouldn’t think would affect any ordinary person. These odd things that have been insured prove that some people will prepare for absolutely every eventuality.

Zombie Apocalypse

The past decade has seen the popularity of zombies rise dramatically as content creators have released shows and games such as The Walking Dead, Left4Dead and DayZ. Some people are obviously taking the threat reasonably serious as several insurance companies are now offering policies to help people survive in the case of a zombie apocalypse and the resulting aftermath.

Supporter’s Psychological Trauma

An England soccer fan took out an insurance policy that covered him in the event that the national team were knocked out of the 2002 World Cup early and he suffered psychological trauma as a result. He would have to prove that he had been medically affected by the soccer team’s demise but would receive £1 million if his claim was genuine.

Lottery Insurance

Strangely, lottery insurance isn’t what it might seem to be by its name. It is a type of insurance that protects employers in case any of their employees win the lottery and subsequently quits their jobs. As this would leave a company short in their workforce and require them to start work on hiring someone else, the policy would provide funds to allow this.

Becoming Ugly

Scared that she would become unpopular and lose many of her friends if she ever lost her apparently attractive looks, Nicola Jones decided to get insurance that would pay out a cash sum in the even that she ever became suddenly ugly.

Falling Coconut Insurance

Although falling coconuts can be very dangerous, they very rarely hit anyone on the head. That didn’t stop thousands of people from taking out insurance against the event after a scientific study by Dr. Peter Brass. The paper claimed that around 150 died every year from coconuts that had fell from trees without any real evidence, causing panic amongst holidaymakers.

Fantasy Sport Insurance

The popularity of online fantasy sports competitions such as Fantasy Football has become so great that several companies are now offering insurance for top players in case they get injured during a season. As this could effectively ruin a fantasy player’s season, they can get policies that would pay out if the footballer misses a set number of games, meaning they won’t lose out on their entry fee into the fantasy league.

Space Debris

Many home and business insurance policies already cover property for damage caused by falling space debris, such as asteroids or satellites. However, some people have actually gone to brokers to arrange cover for themselves in case they were physically harmed by any such debris. This would be incredibly rare though, as one of the only people to be struck by something falling from space reported it as feeling like a gentle tap.

Turning Into A Mythical Creature

The threat of being attacked by a vampire or werewolf an then turning into one of the mythical creatures might seem exceedingly low, but that hasn’t stopped people worrying about the eventuality. It should come as no surprise then that an estimated 60,000 people have actually set up insurance policies in case they do become a creature of the night.

Alien Abduction

According to official statistics from the United States and the United Kingdom, more than 30,000 individual insurance policies have been issued to cover people in the event that they are abducted by aliens. Presumably this would help to pay for medical expenses and any counselling or therapy needed to get over the psychological trauma of the attack.

Virgin Birth

There are various ways to help protect women from becoming pregnant, but even the best contraception won’t do anything for immaculate conception. In order to guard against such an event, several women have taken out policies that will pay out if they are subjected to a virgin birth with the second coming of Christ.