10 Of The Worst Celebrity Haircuts Of All Time

Sometimes celebrities think they can get away with anything. When stardom takes them to a high level, it’s natural for them to see how far they can go. Sometimes that goes into the types of jobs they pick up, other times it goes into what they wear at red carpet shows. It also shows in some crazy hairstyles they’ve given us. Perhaps they thought they could be trendsetters, but it usually ends in disaster. Here are some of the worst hairstyles celebrities have given us.

Katherine Heigl

It’s infamously known that Heigl is a terrible actress to work with. Maybe she tried to disguise herself during the premiere of her awful movie, The Killers, back in 2010 with a really awkward brunette hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus

Granted, you could probably do an entire top ten list on Miley’s hairstyles alone. We’ll go with her horrendous blonde, spiky hair from 2013.

Justin Timberlake

Let’s face it, cornrows were a fad that never really looked good, and they certainly can’t be pulled off by a white guy. That holds true even if it is one of the most talented men in the business like Timberlake.

Kaley Cuoco

There’s almost nothing that The Big Bang Theory star can do to keep her from being one of the most attractive ladies in Hollywood. The only real mistake she made was wearing some sort of wig at the 2013 SAG Awards, which kind of made her resemble David Bowie’s character, The Goblin King, from Labyrinth.

Scarlett Johansson

Another cute Hollywood star that just didn’t make it work. In 2003, Johansson tried going with a mullet-style look. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, she didn’t really make it work.

Kelly Osbourne

You could really go with anybody in the Osbourne family, but the biggest culprit were the multiple instances that Kelly had her hair unkept and in a wide variety of colors at the turn of the millennium.

Shia LaBeouf

The rat tail LaBeouf sported in 2015 looked incredibly awkward on a guy that doesn’t look like he belongs on a motorcycle or in a gang. Luckily, the disgusting thing was either hacked off or he stopped using the clip-on in the fall.

Tyra Banks

We always knew that the former host of America’s Next Top Model was crazy as hell. During the 2004 Vibe Awards, she really went all out by wearing an octopus on her head.

Jared Leto

The man has sported many looks, including being a transgender character in Dallas Buyers Club. He still probably looked better in that outfit than he did as an emo singer during his My Chemical Romance days in 2007, resembling what Tim Minchin’s character Atticus Finch looked like in Californication years later.

Keith Urban

It wasn’t just one time that Urban had a bad hairstyle — he’s always sported the long locks that made him look cuter than half of the female population. That’s not a compliment.