10 Of The World’s Best Impostors

An impostor is defined as a person who deceives others by claiming to be someone that they are not. It is very hard to differentiate a real person from an impostor. Over the years, we heard stories of people faking their identities. These impostors are really good at what they’re doing. They can change names, have fake accents and even adopt an entirely new persona. Impostors often do it for money while others state that they are doing this for fun though some do it for attention.

Denis Carre

Denis Carre is a 34 year old French resident who appeared as Psy at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Psy is the Korean star who is known for “Gangnam Style”.

Fans thought Carre as the real Psy, he nearly fooled everybody. The fake Psy had rubbed elbows with popular celebrities as Naomie Harris and Adrian Brody. He even danced on national French TV and he was able to sign a deal to have a gala in Monaco.

No one noticed that Carre was faked until the real Psy, tweeted “Psy at Cannes” was a faked.

Joseph Manuella

Joseph Manuella has a resemblance to Oscar winner Robert De Niro. The two are very similar that Manuella even doubled for De Niro in two movies, Great Expectations and The Fan.

However, Manuella had crossed the line when he used his looks to win free food and accommodations at expensive restaurants and fancy hotels. He also often crashed parties in the Hamptons and even got a credit card under De Niro’s name.

He was apprehended by the police when the real De Niro found out what was going on, however, the charges were reduced to disorderly conduct.