10 Of The Weirdest Things To Ever Happen On Public Transport.

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Those who have ever had to ride public transportation for long periods of time or on a daily basis know there are often some things that are downright odd that happen on a nearly daily basis. Having said that, there are some days that feature even weirder occurrences than usual. On those days, we start to wonder whether or not the human race is destined to eventually die out, and the public transit system is in fact a barometer into just when it’s really going to start to slip. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of the 10 weirdest things that ever happened on public transport and tell us you’ve actually seen something weirder.

Captain Jack Sparrow Lost His Ship

One just has to wonder whether this guy was embarrassed to have to wear that costume, or whether this is his daily attire.

Thor Likes To Visit New York

It appears the rainbow bridge from Asgard is busted. That or Thor’s home world just doesn’t have the same level of public transit New York has.

Nap Time!

Sometimes you just need to grab 40 winks. We’re surprised this person was able to sleep at all though, as they don’t look particularly comfortable.

They Have Their Own Style

Sometimes you just have march to the beat of your own drummer. Sometimes that drummer keeping a beat that would be better to be ignored.

That Time The Alien Invasion Started

It appears at least that the invasion was a friendly one, considering the expression on the worker’s face.

Always Be Prepared

You never know when a rain storm might start. It’s good to be ready just in case.

The Turnstiles Are Going To Be A Problem

Perhaps it’s time for Minotaur awareness laws in order to help our hoofed friends find their way onto the subway.

A Long Night

This is another person who needed a nap pretty bad. While that might not look comfy to us, it seems as though he’s found a way to rest on his own terms.

We Feel Safer Now

It’s hard not to feel safe when superheroes are riding your train. We’re not sure who the guy in the orange is supposed to be. Is that the Lorax?

Reading is Fundamental

This might be the quietest train in the entire history of the subway system.