10 Of The Weirdest Laws In Canada

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The United States’ hat, Canada, was established in 1867. Instead of separate states, the land is divided up into 10 different provinces in three regions. While there’s a lot of land to explore, much of it is wilderness with 80 percent of the population living close to the southern border. Like other countries, it still has their fair share of ridiculous laws. From the banishment on loud noises to snowman building limitations, here are the weirdest ones we could find.

Can’t Swear In French

Cussing is permitted in Montreal, as long as it’s not in French. The biggest city in Quebec is known worldwide for predominantly speaking in French.

Kids Can’t Be Out Late

For those under 15 years old, don’t be hanging out at public places in St. Paul, Alberta, during the overnight hours of 12:00 to 5:00 AM. Offenders will be arrested, although this might be more of an issue with high schoolers anyway.

Can’t Skinny Dip

Public indecency is already illegal, but there’s a separate law just for skinny dipping in Bancroft, Ontario. It’s not permitted whatsoever in the area.

Illegal To Be Loud

Petrolia, Ontario, tried to stop excessive noise during the overnight hours, but that’s certainly not how the law is worded. People can’t yell, howl, or even whistle loudly at any time of the day.

Comics Can’t Commit Crime

Not to be confused with comedians, actual comic strips can’t depict crimes of any sort throughout Canada. It’s hard to imagine anyone enforcing this law considering it’s a huge block in artistic freedom.

Can’t Carry Much Alcohol

Prior to 2012, nobody could carry any alcohol over province lines unless there was lawful consent. Now, wine is legal, but no other form of liquor or beer is.

No Big Snowmen

Sorry, kids, but Frosty won’t be coming alive in Souris, Prince Edward Island. The town has put a ban on anyone building a snowman taller than 30 inches.

No Sirens On Bikes

This law perhaps make the most sense on the list. Travelers riding their bike in Sudbury, Ontario, can still attach bells, but they cannot have anything that sounds like a siren due to conflicts with law enforcement. Doing so will result in a $5,000 fine. Still, having to point it out specifically is a bit weird.

Can’t Use Too Many Coins

Tired of older women using their bags of coins to purchase goods? Canada’s Currency Act of 1985 prevented purchases with large amounts of change.

No Purple Exterior

In Kanata, Ontario, neither the house nor garage door can be painted purple, otherwise the owner will be fined. Any rebels should paint the mailbox purple, as there doesn’t seem to be a rule banning that just yet.