10 Of The Weirdest Beds You’ve Ever Seen

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We spend about one third of our entire life in bed or sleeping, so you had better make sure your bed is a haven! You likely look forward to ending your day in a cozy bed that includes a bed frame, a mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillows. To some, bed is a whole different ball game and they choose to sleep in or on places most of us have never even thought of. Here are ten of these unconventional beds… Try to get through this without dreaming of your own cozy bed!

Book Bed

Reading a bed time story has found a whole new meaning!

Bird Bed

This giant bird’s nest makes for a surprisingly comfortable bed!

Boxed In Bed

If you have a fear of being closed in or trapped, your best bet is to avoid this bed.

Hot Dog Bed

Has there ever been a bed as delicious looking as this one?


If you loved being rocked to sleep as a baby, wait until you try it as an adult!

Sandwich Bed

Remember how good that hot dog bed looked? Wait until you see this sandwich bed!

Shirt Bed

You and your pet can cozy up in this shirt bed and it’s almost as if you’re being wrapped in a warm hug… Almost.

Tree Bed

This looks like the perfect place for Peter Pan to sleep, doesn’t it?

Teepee Bed

There isn’t really a need for the cover a teepee brings indoors, but it looks cool at least!

Pod Bed

Is this simply a bed or is it a space pod? We may never know.