10 Of The Weirdest Animals That People Eat

Pork, chicken, and beef are some of the most common foods that Americans eat. Other animals such as ducks or alligators are treated as an uncommon delicacy, but some people truly enjoy having unique meat. That spreads even more across the world, where some animals that we wouldn’t even consider eating in most of America are sometimes even common dishes elsewhere. Here are some of the strangest animals that people eat, and you’ll be shocked throughout.


Similar to other insects, ants can be offered as a fried or baked delicacy on a stick. Perhaps the most interesting option is to eat them inside of chocolate that’s found in France.


We’ve all heard the jokes about not bringing cats or dogs near a Chinese restaurant as they might eat them. While the United States doesn’t eat dog because it’s a domestic pet, other countries view it as a great source of protein.