10 Of The Wackiest Lawsuits In History


Curtis Gokey of Lodi California attempted to sue himself when he ran into his own car parked on the street. The person he was suing was essentially the dump truck driver who damaged his car in 2007 for $3,600. Fortunately, someone with half a mind threw the case out of court stating that you are not allowed to sue yourself.

World Record

Jonathan Lee Riches has filed for over 4,000 lawsuits. With many big and influential names being the target of his despair, “Johnny Sue-Nami” often takes his frustrations out on others with attempted lawsuits. Irony in full form decided to swing around in this instance when the Guiness Book of World Records named his the “World’s Most Litigious Man” in 2009. Jonathan then – true to form – decided to file suit against the company for publishing his “masterpieces”.